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Welcome to Royal Museum of African Arts

RoyalThe Royal Museum of African Arts (Royal) is recognized as one of the most impressive museum dedicated to Africa with an acquisition budget of 300 million US dollars. Since its inception in 2013, the Museum's mission is to conserve and manage collections, conduct research and disseminate scientific knowledge through many museum activities, educational and scientific intended for a wide audience.
The museum is actively involved in sustainable development of Africa and would also be a meeting place and discussion on contemporary Africa and its problems.

We believe the full story of Africa's development has yet to be told. How can it be told when thousands—perhaps millions—of important artifacts lay buried, for centuries, beneath Africa's hot sands or stored in dark caves throughout the continent? We thus invite you to visit this website often to suggest and/or send information about artifacts and information that can be included in our collections. We also invite collaboration with archaeological societies, museums, colleges, universities and students of anthropology, archaeology, history and linguistics to help us grow our collection. We'd like nothing better than to mobilize and then organize thousands of people to take part in archaeological digs all across Africa.

Our intent is to significantly change the conversations about Africa from conversations about a continent and its people depending on the rest of the world for sustenance and guidance to conversations about Africa as a continent whose ancient civilizations were interrupted and destroyed before they could reach their apex as the enduring model for human ingenuity and forbearance.
Our diverse collections are of high value and unique in many areas. Much of our collections are being digitized to make them accessible to researchers worldwide.

Royal also plays a crucial role in many international projects and networks where it brings its expertise and specific knowledge.

As a dynamic museum, the Royal has an active policy with regard to temporary exhibitions. The museum holds an average of two new exhibitions a year.

Via our website, I invite you to become acquainted with this exciting institution and hope to meet you at one of our events!

Our most recent exibition

african statue african statue African statue
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